Blairmore Events

This page is intended to keep you informed of upcoming events and happenings in the village. As well as Blairmore Village Trust events, we are happy to publicise events run by other organisations. Please contact us if you would like us to include an event.

Blairmore Community Hub – every Thursday from 10am to 12 noon

Following a successful pilot at the end of 2016, the Community Hub continues at the village hall every Thursday morning. Please feel free to drop in for a chat, a cup of tea, a snack or a chance to hear the news around the village and BVT’s plans for 2017. N.B. The hub will NOT be on on Thursday 9th March due to a planned interruption to the local electricity supply.





Blairmore Community Hub – Let’s give it a try!

PLEASE DROP-IN FOR A CUPPA AND A CHAT: Thursdays from 6th October 2016 through to the 10th November 2016.


We know that many local residents would welcome the opportunity to have an informal place to enjoy meeting up with old friends and neighbours and getting to know and make new ones. With the lack of a local shop in the village, it is often difficult for people to bump into one another for a chat or to share local news.

Sadly we are not able to provide a local shop; but Blairmore Village Trust would like to provide an opportunity for a weekly ‘place’ for our local community. We are keen to give it a try! With this in mind we have booked the village hall for a six week trial period to see if this opportunity is something that our community would enjoy. If this proves to be valuable then we can look at ways of making it more permanent.

The hall will be open from 10am to 12noon every Thursday morning from the 6th October 2016 through to the 10th November 2016.

Please come along and spread the word.

Pat Lynn

on behalf of Blairmore Village Trust C.I.C.





Summer fun day_v2


AGM 2016

7th May 2016: BVT is currently considering applying for funding to purchase an additional area of land for the benefit of the community. First, we wish to consult with the local community to see whether there is support for the purchase. Please take a look at the consultation below and email us on to indicate your response. Paper copies of the consultation are also available at Strone Post Office.


Blairmore Village Trust C.I.C. (Community Interest Company)

Argyll Business Centre, 204 Argyll St., Dunoon PA23 7HA

Community Consultation

 As you will hopefully already know, Blairmore Village Trust (BVT) achieved the purchase of Blairmore Field/Green in the summer of 2014.

Following on from this, the private owner of the strip of land between the hall and the field, offered us the opportunity to purchase their land. At that time we decided to enter into a lease arrangement with a built-in ‘right to buy’ the land within a 2 year period.

We took this step because our previous experience has shown that it can take quite a long period of time to consider the issue, consult the community, secure the funding required and also to address all the legal formalities that inevitably impact on land transactions. That 2 year lease period will expire in the spring of 2017 and we must now make our final decisions in this regard.

Our reasons now for considering the purchase of the land are as follows:

  1. It provides complete flexibility in determining how the adjoining pieces of land that we do own can be best used; without the added complication of negotiation and potentially having to compromise to achieve our ideal plans.
  2.  It makes vehicle access routes easier to determine when addressing the design of the area designated for car or coach parking.
  3.  It prevents the risk of the land being used in ways that may not be conducive to the overall aesthetics and tranquil atmosphere that we are seeking (e.g. risk of storage of commercial plant machinery).
  4.  It eliminates the inevitable confusion and difficulties that people have experienced when either parking on or crossing over that stretch of land.
  5.  As the land at the rear of the hall (beyond the garage) is also included, this provides us with a useable plot to consider for example, discretely housing any storage or service buildings that we may require particularly as the ‘holiday lets’ are developed.
  6.  The land would be safeguarded for community benefit and therefore the Hall Trust could also benefit from knowing they can secure access for any events or consider any scope to expand capacity.In progressing this opportunity to purchase the land we plan to make an application for grant funding to the Scottish Land Fund. You may recall that when we applied for the funding to purchase the field/green we had to demonstrate that we had the support of the community to take such action. As this is now a new and separate application we again need to demonstrate support for the purchase of this extra piece of land.The land is currently owned by Catherine Rae and it should be noted that Catherine Rae is currently a director of Blairmore Village Trust. Consequently with such a conflict of interest, Catherine has been excluded from all discussions that BVT board has had in regard to this matter and such exclusion will continue until the matters are concluded. BVT has had the land independently assessed by the District Valuer who has valued it at £15,000.The purpose of this consultation is to determine the views of the local community and to what extent there is support for the purchase of the land. Consequently it will be most helpful if you could express your views on this by either completing the slip below, or visiting our website at or writing to us at the above address. We would appreciate receiving your feedback and comments as soon as possible. The committee of Blairmore Hall have confirmed that they are supportive of BVT progressing with this purchase.

Please respond either to say:

I support Blairmore Village Trust in pursuing the purchase of this piece of land for the benefit of the local community OR

I do not support  Blairmore Village Trust pursuing the purchase of this piece of land for the benefit of the local community because (please specify):


Name:                                                                                    Address:



Thank you from the Board of Blairmore Village Trust                                                                                                  7th May 2016



Blairmore Village Trust will be holding a


More details soon…..



Blairmore Hall presents

Sunday 20th March at 2.00pm


Accompanied by pianist Morag MacAskill with guest appearance by Jean-Ann Callender

Tickets £5 (includes tea and home baking). Tickets from


Christmas Event

Please come and join us for our free festive lunch on December 14th. As well as eating, singing and socialising, there will be a chance to find out more about Blairmore Village Trust and its Landscaping Project plans. The winter raffle will be drawn at the event – please see the Welcome page for details.

Festive lunch

Tree works: logs available for firewood

Two trees on BVT land that were causing problems for adjacent structures were felled on the 29th October by David Petro Forestry. One was the multi-stemmed ash tree at the bottom of the field by the village hall (next to the entrance to Blairmore House).

ash felling

Ash tree before… and after

The other was an old willow tree on the triangle of land above White’s Brae (next to the new green box installed by BT).

willow felling

Willow tree before felling, part felled and after completion

The wood was piled up for local residents to take away. The ash is all gone now but there are lengths and rounds of willow still available.


Saturday 7th November sees the next in a series of talks run by Blairmore Hall.

Hall trust Jewellery