Blairmore 2020 Vision

“What’s your ‘2020’ vision for Blairmore? Exhibition & Consultation Forum.”

Blairmore Forum152 people registered their attendance over the three days in March 2010. The purpose of the event was to re-engage with the community to affirm their support, or otherwise, for the way in which developments could or should impact upon the area. Amongst the attendees were local Councillors, local Member of Parliament, Head teacher of Strone Primary School, Minister of Shore Churches, Dunoon Observer, Kilmun Community Council and Benmore & Kilmun Community Council. Representatives attended from Business Enterprise of Argyll & Bute Council, Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, Friends Of Blairmore Pier Trust and Blairmore Hall Trust.

  • Blairmore 2020 Vision feedback report is available to download. ¬†Download PDF SIZE: 243.84 KB

The range of issues raised and discussed at the ‘forum’ was wide and varied and the time period featured was envisioned to span the next decade. Some of the questions which were posed:

Lewis Fry Richardon. Meteorologist born in 1881. Would you support the commissioning of a timber sculptured statue depicting his experiments at Blairmore Pier?


Destination Development. Would you support the development of a vision and strategy that brings about increased levels of visitors to Blairmore for the purpose of creating a sustainable local economy?


Ferry Services. Do you want the Council & the National Park to liaise with SPT to re-route the Kilcreggan / Helensborough ferry to offer Blairmore a week-end service?


2020 ForumSignage. Would you like to see the road signs to Blairmore and the shore communities improved?